Baywest City Proprietary Limited, ("Baywest", "we" or "us") are committed to protecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws in South Africa when you access the Baywest Mall applications for Android and iOS (the Applications) on your mobile device or on any other electronic device.

This privacy policy explains our practices regarding the processing of your personal information by us, and your rights and remedies in respect of the personal information that we will be processing (the Privacy Policy). Any personal information processed when you access the Applications will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy; and by downloading and accessing the Applications, you therefore accept and agree to our information practices described in this Privacy Policy.

The Applications provide you with relevant, useful and engaging content from our participating tenants. In order to facilitate this, you will specify categories of interest, and follow brands much like on social media platforms. Our technology in turn ensures that only content which you are likely to find interesting is delivered to your personal "Pulse" or activity stream. The content sent to you by our participating tenants will first be screened by us, and only content that we deem to be of an acceptably high quality will be allowed to be sent to you. Our participating tenants are able to request that content be delivered to only some of our shoppers, and if we believe that content to be useful based on their selection, we will allow it.

In order to enjoy the various features of the Applications, your interests and brand choices will be processed by us and/or communicated to our employees and participating third party tenants, and used in conjunction with your - (i) location data (where you have specifically enabled this function), (ii) your contact details (iii) as well as the broad categories of interests and specific stores that you choose to follow.

We note, in this regard, that your personal information will be collected and retained in South Africa, and will not be transferred to any third parties abroad. Our servers are housed in a secure data centre in Johannesburg. We use commercially available SHA – 256bit with RSA Encryption to protect your data while in transit from our Applications to our servers, and back.

Your information will only be processed to the extent necessary for you to enjoy the functionality of the Applications, including to enable us or our participating tenants to make certain content available to you as envisaged in the Applications. In limited instances, as explained below, where you have specifically activated additional features, your location data and contact details may be sent to participating tenants in order to send communications.

While your subscription to our Applications is voluntary, once you have subscribed to any of our Applications, the collection of your information is necessary in order to enjoy the features of the Applications, save for the collection of your location data and contact details which is optional. To this end, our Applications are enhanced with 4th Generation Bluetooth, also known as iBeacon technology. This allows your mobile device or on any other electronic device to sense where within the mall it currently is. Sometimes, brands you love will send you relevant messages based on your current location. This is voluntary, and you are able to disable it in the settings menu under the Smart-Mall option. You will not be able to enjoy these additional location-based features once you disable the iBeacon technology.

Our Applications include analytics software we use to determine how all users use our user interfaces. This will help us to determine how to improve the Applications in future, based on how our shoppers use the Applications in the present.

If you wish to (i) request access to, or rectify, the collected information in terms of sections 23 and 24 of the Protection of Personal Information Act (4 of 2013) (POPIA); (ii) object to the collection of any information in terms of section 11(3) of POPIA; or (iii) exercise any other rights you may have or bring any content received from our participating tenants to our attention, please contact - Baywest, via 100 Baywest Boulevard, Baywest City, Port Elizabeth. You can refer a complaint to the relevant data protection regulator.